Tangerine Cove ALF Of Brooksville


Do you accept medicaid?

We are an medicaid provider and we will assist with the application..

How much is your monthly rate?

Our rates start at $1600.00 a month for a shared apartment and they start at $2200.00 for a private apartment.  We also accept the medicaid program.  We will work with your income,  so give us a call.

Do you accept pets?

No we do not allow pets.

Do you have a community fee / admission fee?

Yes we do, this fee is $200.00 non-refundable and also we do have a security fee which is equal to one month's rent which is fully refundable if the terms of the contract our met. 

Do you have to sign a lease?

No,there is 30 day notice if you are going to leave required.

Do you accept VA benefits?

Yes we do and we will also assist you with this benefit.


Can residents choose their own doctors, therapists, and home health companies?

Yes they can, we have in house Doctors for your convenience, but you are more than welcome to choose your own.